NEWS15 April 2013

Forbes enters partnership with iQual to measure Middle East emotions

Data analytics Middle East and Africa

MIDDLE EAST — Market research company Forbes Consulting Group is bringing its emotional response research plaform to the Middle East through a partnership with Arab research and consultancy boutique iQual.

Through MindSight the companies aim to create a long-term, sustainable model that delivers applied neuroscience and emotional insight to businesses throughout the Middle East.

MindSight can be used in in small, qualitative studies as well as large-scale, quantitative studies with thousands of globally dispersed respondents.

“iQual offers distinctively advanced and innovative solutions for a rapidly emerging Middle Eastern research marketplace,” said David Forbes, president and CEO of the Forbes Consulting Group. “Together we will seamlessly deliver integrated qualitative and quantitative research with superlative customer service and a strong commitment to research ROI.”

Chief energy officer at iQual Hany Mwafy commented: “Our partnership will really enable us to have a transformative impact on a client’s success at every stage of the business process, whether it is new product development, product positioning, brand extendibility or concept testing.”