NEWS13 June 2012

Flurry unveils analytics tool for app ad effectiveness

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US— Mobile app measurement firm Flurry has released a tool to help mobile app marketers measure the effectiveness of traffic acquisition campaigns across ad networks.

Flurry Ad Analytics is designed track the quality, follow-on behaviour and return on investment of traffic sourced from campaigns across major mobile ad networks including Apple iAd, Google Admob, Millenial Media, InMobi, Jumptap and Flurry’s own AppCircle.

It is built on top of Flurry Analytics, which is used by over 70,000 companies across more than 190,000 applications, and automatically tracks clicks and installations, attributing them to the correct campaigns and traffic sources.

Marketers define how they want to measure user quality, including by demographics, intensity of usage or when consumers complete a defined custom event such as monetisation or social sharing. Flurry Ad Analytics is priced on a per installation basis, starting at five cents per app install with the price declining as install volume increases.

Simon Khalaf (pictured), Flurry president and chief executive, said the tool comes at a time when app marketers are expected to spend over $1bn worldwide each year on app traffic acquisition, according to internal estimates.