NEWS5 April 2013

Flurry extends app analytics to mobile web

Data analytics North America

Analytics company Flurry is extending its app analytics system to the mobile web.

As the company announced that it had reach a record of measuring app usage on more than 1bn connected smart devices per month from over 300,000 applications made by more than 100,000 companies, it said it was to make Flurry Analytics for the Mobile Web available free of charge.

Flurry customers with both apps and mobile optimised websites can leverage a single, analytics solution.

“Flurry is among a handful of companies that helped shape the mobile app revolution from its origins in 2008, working diligently with tens of thousands of app developers to optimise apps, improve user experiences and deliver innovative ad experiences that connect marketers to their desired audiences,” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and chief executive officer. “As ‘Mobile-first and Web-second’ becomes more than just a slogan, Flurry is opening up its platform to the mobile web.”