NEWS20 September 2016

Flamingo unveils report on the modern British family

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UK — Qualitative research agency Flamingo has launched a new piece of research on meeting the needs of the modern family, in partnership with Haygarth. 

The research focuses on the evolutionary time of families with children aged between 10 and 16, exploring the daily and transitional times as children move from primary school to GCSEs and pass through milestones and a series of ‘firsts'. 

The Modern Family report is designed to help brands and businesses make a positive impact on family life by better understanding ‘the natural intersections based on modern need states and to find new opportunities for brand growth'.

The report, based on qualitative and quantitative research from Flamingo and Tapestry, explores three ares of family life: ‘optimum moments’ (both daily and macro), family and individual need states and the dynamics of key purchase decisions. Headline findings include that current marketing is out of step with family expectations (it is stereotypical and doesn't reflect current attitudes); that marketers must consider the individual and collective need-states of the family unit; and that families are gender agnostic (they have a non sex stereotype approach to daily life). 

“At a time when all consumers are looking for brands and companies to have ‘higher purpose’ we believe it is essential to better understand this little understood and often cliché ridden time of family life to allow brands to find natural and added value intersections to create enhanced engagement” says Anthony Donaldson, executive planning director at Haygarth.