NEWS5 September 2012

Fizziology to open UK office to track online buzz

Trends UK

UK— Social media research company Fizziology is opening a UK office, which will rate entertainment, advertising and sports through topical online UK conversations.

Using sentiment analysis to track audience opinions about films or television shows expressed on Twitter, Facebook and blogs, Fizziology will provide marketers with UK-specific box office predictions, advertising analysis and guidance on casting decisions.

Staff will look out for things that might be overlooked by a computer program – sarcasm, misspellings, slang, pop culture references.

Ben Carlson, president and co-creator of Fizziology, added: “From the use of UK-based analysts to reports that demonstrate an understanding of the unique nature of British media, Fizziology is committed to providing social media intelligence that is accurate and relevant for the UK, not just a carbon copy of an American platform.”