NEWS29 November 2016

Five seconds to gain attention in communications

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UK – Marketers now have just five seconds to make an impact with their communications before over-loaded consumers switch off or delete what they have received, according to research from Pitney Bowes.

The research found that time-strapped, marketing-aware consumers were unwilling to waste more than five seconds on irrelevant communications. When asked ‘how much time does it normally take for you to realise that marketing communications you’ve received is irrelevant to you?’ 32% in the UK said one to five seconds; 27% said immediately; and 18% said six to 10 seconds.

The study also asked what type of personal data people would be willing to share, to receive personalised communications. Hobbies was picked by the most people in the UK, followed by age and buying habits. Where people are more reticent is on sharing data on their family and income level.

But some communications materials are getting it right: more than half of respondents said they respond to about 25% of communications they receive including email, direct mail, text, phone calls and across social media.

When asked how marketing communications could be improved people picked promotions and discounts first and then ‘better targeted communications that meet my needs’.

The research carried out by Coleman Parks for Pitney Bowes among 3,256 consumers and 234 businesses across the UK, France and Germany in April 2016.