NEWS16 August 2023 adds carbon measurement tech for digital campaigns

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UK – Digital performance agency has partnered with supply chain emissions data standard Scope3 to allow advertisers to measure the carbon impact of their digital marketing campaigns.

laptop with CO2, car and leaf graphics floating above typing hands

Advertisers will be able to measure the gCO2PM (grams of carbon emissions per thousand impressions) of their media buying decisions over different channels and publishers.

Fifty’s digital platform offers audience targeting and insights to inform media planning and buying strategies.

Scope3’s research estimates that around one gram of carbon is produced for each digital advertising impression.

Jamie Scott, chief technology officer at Fifty, said: “We’re now offering clients a new level of awareness of their digital advertising campaigns, enabling them to make informed and conscious decisions.”

Scott said the technology would allow clients to “track, record and shape the impact of their advertising solutions”, and added: “Our next step will be going beyond domains to measure the impact of social and app data.”