NEWS15 April 2024

Fantix agrees two first-party data partnerships

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US – Machine learning infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) training models organisation Fantix has partnered with targeted advertising firm Sports Innovation Lab and publishing technology business The Newco on access to first-party data.

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The partnership will see Sports Innovation Lab use its Audiences dataset, which tracks the purchasing habits of US consumers, to help train an AI model.

The model will initially focus on gaining detailed attributes of sports, media and entertainment enthusiasts.

The partnership with The Newco will see The Newco release TNCiD, an AI model for probabilistic, universal identity resolution, trained in the Fantix ecosystem.

Since launching in 2023, Fantix has released two pre-trained, generative AI models for tabular data used for customer resource management enrichment.

The models generate synthetic data to fill the gaps in customer databases, and the latest partnerships come as technology companies shift away from third-party cookies.

Antonio Tomarchio, chief executive and co-founder at Fantix, said: “With the addition of Sports Innovation Lab and The Newco, the opportunities for businesses to receive greater insights and customer intelligence through privacy-preserving synthetic data will grow even greater.

“With the degradation of cookies, first-party data is becoming more and more critical.”

Jennifer Pelino, chief commercial officer and president, data cloud at Sports Innovation Lab, added: “In light of new cookie standards, many organisations are now in the dark when it comes to enriched first and third-party data, and lack the resources to create the full stack of data and cloud services necessary to adapt to this evolution in marketing.

“We’re partnering with Fantix to address this issue within a privacy-by-design setting compliant with new regulations.”