NEWS25 May 2016

Factory Media unveils emotional targeting strategy

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UK — Lifestyle sports content company Factory Media has, in conjunction with YouGov, created a set of 11 Mindsets, to be used to aid media planning and content creation. 

Emotion crop

The company tapped into YouGov’s Profiles data set of respondents and analysed 116 attitudinal statements, each selected for its close connection to an emotion. 

These attitudes were then grouped into 11 variables – Mindsets – using factor analysis. Using this data, Factory Media aims to offer information on the emotional mindsets that a brand’s existing or potential customers identify with, and in turn to create content that resonates on an emotional level. 

The Mindsets are: identity, risk-taking, open-mindedness, comfort, family values, experience, traditionalism, sustainability, longevity, materialism and restlessness. 

Factory Media will release insight on each of these mindsets each month. More information can be found here