NEWS26 October 2012

Facebook uses new ComScore study to promote ROI drivers

Technology UK

US— Facebook is launching a major push to promote the purchase behaviour potential of its paid-for advertising by teaming with ComScore for a second “Power of Like” study,

Announced today, the study looks at how paid and earned media work together to help brands reach the right people on Facebook.

The “Power of a Like II” studied the top 100 brand pages on the site and found that those that used paid media reached 5.4 times more people on average than those that didn’t.

Facebook claims that the study proves “that fans and friends of fans are not only high-value customers to brands in terms of likelihood to purchase, but also that their purchasing behaviors can be increased by reaching them with both paid and organic brand messages.

“Furthermore, the audience reached with paid media exhibited greater shopping and buying frequency for those brands than the online average because reach is a significant driver of ROI.”

The second ComScore study follows Facebook’s recent partnership with Datalogix, which undertook a study of 50 digital campaigns using a new tool that compares ad exposure on Facebook with in-store purchases. It found that campaigns that maximised reach had a 70% higher return on investment by reallocating high-frequency impressions to people seeing too few impressions.

The Power of Like was first published last year as a US-specific study and had a European version published in July.