NEWS21 April 2020

Facebook to warn users over Covid-19 misinformation

Covid-19 News North America

US – Facebook users who have responded to a piece of ‘harmful’ misinformation about Covid-19 are to be shown a message directing them to a World Health Organisation (WHO) page debunking myths about the virus.

Person holding phone with Facebook login screen

Facebook will show the message to those who have liked, reacted or commented on posts containing false information that have since been removed from the platform. 

The policy applies to misinformation that Facebook considers could lead to ‘imminent physical harm'.

The pop-up will start to appear in the coming weeks, the social network said in a blog post. 

Facebook said it had also displayed warnings on around 40 million posts related to the pandemic in March, based on work with fact-checkers, and claims that 95% of users who saw warning labels did not go on to view the content.