NEWS22 September 2016

Facebook remains most popular among UK millennials

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UK — Facebook’s multi-platform reach among UK millennials in July 2016 was 90.2%; 30% higher than second-placed Instagram, according to new comScore research.

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The research revealed that the multi-platform reach of all social media among UK millennials was 97.6%, which is the highest in Europe. Reach among the 35+ demographic was found to be 94%, with Facebook still at the top of the popularity list for that age group. 

In terms of device use, mobile reach for social media sites among millennials was 99.3%, while desktop reach was 91.4%. Facebook’s reach on mobile was 97.9%. 

Facebook was also found to have the highest levels of engagement: on average, millennials spent 795 minutes per month on Facebook, which is more than double the time spent on Snapchat. This age group were found to be more easily reached than consumers aged 35+: they spent on average 558 minutes per month longer on social media than this age group.