NEWS11 October 2010

Facebook gives users more power over data-sharing

North America Privacy

US— Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled a new set of privacy settings on the social media site that allow members to pick and choose which applications have access to their data.

Zuckerberg (pictured) said that Facebook users will now have a single page view of the applications they have authorised and what data they use. Under the new settings, it is possible for users to control what data (if any) the applications have access to.

The Facebook chief said: “You can change the settings for an application to make less information available to it, or you can remove it completely.”

Facebook came under attack from some users earlier this year over the way it handled members’ personal data. Around 15,000 of the site’s members vowed to delete their profiles in protest at the way their data was being used and shared.

Around the same time as the protest Zuckerberg promised a review of the site’s privacy settings and said when announcing the latest changes: “We’ve heard loud and clear that you want more control over what you share on Facebook – to manage exactly who sees it and understand exactly where it goes.”