NEWS28 August 2012

Facebook gets Sway with Threadsy acquisition

M&A North America

US— Facebook is acquiring Threadsy, the start-up company behind the Swaylo social influence measurement service.

Swaylo analyses the social graph of social network users to figure out how much and what kind of attention users are getting for the things they post, share and like.

Following the FB acquisition, individual users of the Swaylo service will not be able to access their Sway scores, but Swaylo Pro will continue to operate as a separate, independent company connecting businesses to influential people on social media sites.

Rob Goldman, Threadsy’s founder and CEO said: “The Facebook acquisition is incredibly exciting for us. We built Swaylo because we believe Facebook and other social media services are the digital representation of our lives. There is no better opportunity to take Swaylo’s vision to the next level than at Facebook.”

Threadsy was backed by August Capital and Maveron Capital.