NEWS23 February 2018

Facebook clears up ad metrics

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US – Facebook has announced it is introducing new labels on some of its metrics and measurement tools in a bid to add clarity for marketers measuring campaign performance.

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The company has introduced labels on some metrics within its Ad Manager, indicating whether a metric is ‘estimated’ or ‘in development’.

In a blog post, Facebook defined ‘estimated’ metrics as those calculated based on sampling or modelling, adding that these can provide guidance for outcomes that are hard to precisely quantify.

Metrics that are ‘in development’, the company said, are those that may be new or in testing, and may change as ad products and methodologies are improved.

Additionally, in July it will remove around 20 ‘unhelpful’ advertising metrics that are “redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used”.  

Lastly, the company said it is introducing a programme called Measure What Matters to share insights from its research and analysis with marketers through live events, Facebook Live events, and via the Facebook Business website.