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NEWS24 September 2013

Face Facts adds new tech options to fieldwork offer

Technology UK

UK — Fieldwork specialist Face Facts Research has expanded its service offering to include newer tech-driven data collection options.

Now calling itself a “Field+” agency, the company has added eye-tracking, mobile ethnography, facial coding and custom dashboard design to its more traditional offering of online, CATI and face-to-face research, and qual recruitment.

The new technology additions have come about through partnerships with a number of companies.

Managing director Alison White (pictured) said: “The industry is crying out for companies to take up the torch when it comes to innovation – the UK is way behind the US in this respect. For the industry to improve, change has to come from the bottom up, as well as the top down.”

  • Face Facts’ head of marketing and growth Luke Taylor expands on White’s comments in an opinion piece published today.