NEWS3 October 2013

Exponential partners I-Behavior in targeting the online consumer

Data analytics UK

UK — Digital advertising intelligence firm Exponential has partnered with database marketing and behavioural targeting services provider I-Behavior to offer the targeting of consumers online based on their high-street purchasing habits.

The partnership will see Exponential integrate anonymised I-Behavior data of UK purchase transactions and consumer metrics into its own online audience segments so that brand advertisers can target the delivery of their digital message to consumers without using any personally identifiable information.

Niki Stoker, Exponential UK managing director, said: “The partnership creates a much greater link between what people buy in a shop and their online behaviour. Consequently, it’s much easier for advertisers to find their target audiences online and to create more tailored ads that appeal to them. It’s about recognising people not just as ‘online audiences’ but as ‘audiences online’.”