NEWS25 July 2016

Europeans more worried about Brexit than Brits

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UK – People in Spain, Italy and Poland are more concerned about the effects of Brexit on their own economies than British citizens are about the UK economy according to Mintel.

Almost half ( 48%) of Spaniards fear Brexit will have a ‘somewhat’ or ‘extremely’ negative impact on their economy, as do 41% of Italians and Poles. One in three ( 36%) of Germans agree that the UK’s Leave vote will have a negative impact on their country’s economy.

In comparison, two in five ( 39%) Brits said they expect the UK’s vote to have a negative impact on the UK economy. A sizeable minority of British consumers welcome the result and think that it could be good for the economy: 25% think that it will have an ‘extremely’ or ‘somewhat’ positive impact.

Toby Clark, director of EMEA research at Mintel, said: “The results show how widely the repercussions of the Brexit vote have spread and clearly highlight the risk that uncertainty and disruption have, as well as the potential to drag down consumer sentiment across the continent as a whole.

“But the data also shows that British consumers are much more upbeat about their prospects than their counterparts in other key European markets.”

The results are from a Mintel survey of more than 7,000 adults collected immediately after the referendum ( 28th June to 5th July 2016 ).