NEWS1 June 2017

European marketing budgets continue strong growth

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UK – Europe continues to record the strongest growth in marketing budgets of all three regions covered by the Global Marketing Index (GMI), according to its latest monthly findings. 


The Warc Global Marketing Index is a monthly indicator of the state of the worldwide marketing industry; it uses a benchmark score of 50 points to show no change. 

On this basis, Europe continued to record the strongest activity among the three regions covered (the others are the Americas and Asia Pacific). Its headline GMI score of 59.9 for May is only slightly down on its record high of 60.6 in April. 

The headline GMI in Asia Pacific rose by 0.5 points to 52.3. This makes it the only region to record an increased rate of growth. 

Meanwhile the Americas recorded a score of 50.2, marking its second consecutive month of increased marketing activity following a number of slow months. 

Europe also continued to be the strongest region for growth of marketing budgets, with its index score rising to 57.9. The index for Asia Pacific also rose again, to 51, while in the Americas the budgets’ index sat at 48.4. This is the eleventh consecutive month that it has been below 50.

Findings are based on responses from a global panel of 2,000+ members of the marketing community.