NEWS3 July 2015

European digital ad spend gets closer to TV

Europe News

BELGIUM — Online advertising achieved 11.8% growth to reach a market value of €30.7bn, consolidating its position as the second largest media category as it edges closer to TV.


All European markets reported positive growth and it was not only the developing markets which are leading this increase according to IAB Europe’s AdEx Benchmark 2014 Report in collaboration with IHS Technology.

Mature markets which have benefited from improved digital advertising formats, targeting capabilities and developing data strategies across devices are also growing.

The top ten countries for year-on-year growth are: Slovenia – 43.1%, Ireland – 33.3%, Belarus – 32.8%, Turkey – 20.8%, Hungary – 19.5%, Bulgaria – 18.7%, Russia 17.3%, Greece – 16.3%, Austria – 16.0% and Belgium – 16.0%.

Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe said: “The ninth edition of the AdEx Benchmark report highlights how new advertising opportunities within programmatic trading, mobile and video advertising, and audience and advertising effectiveness measurement supported by educational programmes have driven growth.” 

IAB Europe members can download the report by logging into the IAB Europe website. Non-members can request the report by contacting: