NEWS20 September 2013

E-Tabs creates PowerPoint charting tool for researchers

Technology UK

UK — Market research firm E-Tabs has launched a charting tool allowing for instant visualisation of research data.

E-Tabs Graphique is an ad-hoc charting tool that was developed in conjunction with market researchers through consultation and co-creation workshops.

Embedded into PowerPoint, it facilitates the production of charts and tables by placing all the required charting elements at the user’s fingertips and within a familiar working environment.

“Market research has been crying out for robust and easy-to-use ad hoc charting software for a long time” says Benjamin Rietti, CEO of E-Tabs. “By listening to and working with researchers we have developed a tool which meets their everyday charting needs. We feel it is time the industry says no to ‘copy & paste’ which is exactly what E-Tabs Graphique allows you to do.”



11 years ago

Isn't this rather old hat? We thought the days of tables and PowerPoint charts were over - at least for enlightened clients. It's now about key insights and visual engagment . Or are we missing something?

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11 years ago

PowerPoint is still by far the leading delivery method for market research reports. As evident on page 55 of this report -

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