NEWS31 March 2023

ESRC and AHRC partner on research commercialisation project

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UK – The Economic Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Art and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have launched a £3.9m catalyst programme for the social sciences, humanities and the arts.

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The SHAPE catalyst commercialisation programme is open to UK researchers from the social sciences, arts and humanities, and will support them with financial and training support to explore commercial applications of their research.

Included in the programme is £2.7m of funding for commercialisation projects and a further £1.2m contract with the Aspect Research Commercialisation (ARC) Accelerator to provide award holder training and mentoring.

At least three rounds of commercialisation funding will be available, with expressions of interest for round one opening in June 2023 to either individuals or teams from UK research organisations.

There will be up to 25 awards of £50,000 to teams or individuals to develop their social science, arts and humanities-based research insights into scalable products, processes, service or experience innovations.

The ARC will run application workshops from June 2023, which will help potential applicants understand the scope of the programme and begin applying commercialisation thinking to their research.

ESRC interim executive chair Professor Alison Park said: “The potential for greater commercialisation of the outputs from social science, arts and humanities research is huge and offers a way of delivering even greater economic, societal and cultural impact.

“Yet, of the 160 spin-out companies founded each year, the overwhelming majority are STEM-based.

“Working with our partners at the ARC Accelerator, we will equip arts, humanities and social science researchers with the skills they need to explore the commercial application of their research.”