NEWS15 December 2015

EQT supports MBO at FocusVision

M&A News North America

US — Private equity group EQT has teamed up with market research tech company FocusVision’s management team to acquire the company for an undisclosed amount.


Connecticut-based FocusVision was founded in 1990 and over the past 18 months the company has acquired leading market research technology operations, expanding its tech services for quantitative research, qualitative research, reporting and project management.

Eric Grosgogeat (pictured), president & CEO of FocusVision, said: “EQT is the perfect partner for us, as it will be working with our management team to strengthen our investment in both research and development and our global sales force.”

Matthew Levine, partner at EQT Partners, investment advisor to EQT Mid Market said: “This is an industry which is enjoying strong underlying growth dynamics. FocusVision is a company that is growing, innovating and on the leading edge of its industry.”

FocusVision has offices around the globe, including California, UK, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria and Singapore.