NEWS25 March 2020

EphMRA releases Covid-19 guidance

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SWITZERLAND – EphMRA, the healthcare market research and analytics community organisation, has issued guidelines on healthcare market research during the Covid-19 pandemic.

medical staff in busy hospital reception area

EphMRA has recommended that in the current circumstances researchers should “take a sensible, empathetic and ethical approach when recruiting participants for surveys in the healthcare arena”. 

It said there was still scope to conduct market research but clients and vendors should work in partnership and keep clear channels of communication so that they can react to changing situations in each country. 

“Developments across the countries mean that opportunities for market research will evolve and change. Please do work together to make the most appropriate decisions,” it said in a statement.

Healthcare workers on the front lines tackling Covid-19 should be avoided for research during this time. 

It added: “We know through various surveys conducted by our colleagues and published this week that many physicians of varying specialities have said they would still be interested in participating in surveys during this time.  So, please bear in mind that a majority of physicians are not currently on the front line but are unable to see their patients.”

These include: dermatologists, haematologists, oncologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, paediatrics, gastroenterology, cardiology and neurology. 

It also reminded members working from home that there may be different and additional data protection to be considered.