NEWS10 June 2013

Emotient and iMotions offer integrated facial recognition tool

Data analytics North America

US — Facial analysis firm Emotient and eye-tracking and biometric software platform company iMotions have teamed up to offer an integrated facial recognition platform.

As part of the partnership Emotient’s emotion recognition program Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox will be integrated into iMotions’ eye-tracking and biosensor platform Attention Tool.

The integrated system combines facial expression recognition and analysis, eye tracking, EEG and GSR technologies and is designed for usability research, market research, neurogaming and academic research with Proctor & Gamble, the United States Air Force and Yale University already signed up for the service.

Emotient CEO Ken Denman said: “The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts with the integration of these technologies, and by combining four key sensors into a single platform, the depth of discovery will be infinitely greater.”