NEWS23 September 2009

Emnos partners Payback into Poland

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POLAND— Retail data analytics agency Emnos has opened an office in Warsaw to support the Polish expansion of the German loyalty card programme Payback.

Emnos will be responsible for analysing and segmenting customer and transaction data to help Payback tailor its direct marketing campaigns according to buying behaviour, customer value and customer needs.

Retail partners including BP, Kolporter and Allegro will also be provided with data, on purchasing trends for example.

Emnos CEO Gerhard Hausruckinger said: “We are delighted we have the opportunity to take the first steps into this new market together. More than anything else, that’s because we know customer insights are an essential building block of the Payback business model.”

Payback and Emnos are both owned by the Loyalty Partner group.