NEWS20 April 2023

Efamro widens membership options across Europe

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EUROPE – Market research businesses in countries without a national association representing the industry will be able to join the European Research Federation (Efamro).

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Affected companies operating in nations without a national association for the research industry will be able to join Efamro though its corporate membership package to access its services.

Norstat Group, based in Sweden, and Rait Group, which operates in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, are the first two companies to join Efamro under the corporate membership agreement.

Efamro corporate membership will operate alongside the current association membership for national trade associations.

Bernd Wachter, president at Efamro, said: “Promoting cross-border links in research is one of the key reasons that we have created our new corporate membership, alongside our desire to support businesses in countries that do not have a national research association. 

“I’m confident we can provide real value through this new offer to businesses such as Norstat Group and Rait Group, who I welcome as our first corporate members.”

Henrik Åquist, managing director at Norstat Sweden, said: “With no association representing Swedish research interests, Efamro representation gives us market intelligence and business support as well as the opportunity to broaden our reach and influence across the bloc.”

Dovilė Končak, chief executive at Rait Group, added: “By joining Efamro, we expect to gain access to valuable resources, networking opportunities and the latest industry insights.

“We look forward to collaborating with other members, sharing our expertise and learning from the best.”