NEWS16 June 2010

EEDAR and Nielsen expand data-sharing deal to UK market

New business UK

UK— A data-sharing deal between Nielsen and Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), focused on the analysis of videogame marketing campaigns, is being extended from the US to the UK.

Nielsen is to start contributing data from Nielsen AdDynamix, its UK advertising monitoring service to EEDAR’s database of videogame features, with the combined data delivered through EEDAR’s GamePulse service.

EEDAR said the tie-up allows videogame publishers and marketers to view and compare creative approaches and budgets across thousands of titles for both the UK and US.

CEO Greg Short (pictured) said: “This new data will provide enormous benefits to many of our clients who include the largest first and third-party publishes in the videogames industry.”

In the US, GamePulse sources ad spend data through Nielsen’s Monitor-Plus service.