NEWS23 July 2020

E Source acquires StrategyWise

Data analytics M&A News North America

US – Customer-focused research and data science firm E Source has bought StrategyWise, an artificial intelligence and machine-learning company.

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E Source runs research and technology implementation in the electric, gas and water industries in the US and Canada. StrategyWise advises companies and government bodies using data governance, predictive analytics and behavioural psychology.

StrategyWise will be “integrated into the E Source brand” over the next few months, according to E Source, and will help improve the company’s data science, predictive analytics and machine-learning algorithms.

Joshua Jones, chief executive of StrategyWise, will become vice-president of market innovation in E Source’s data science division.

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The purchase of StrategyWise follows E Source’s recent acquisition of data analytics business Trove Predictive Data Science.

Wayne Greenberg, chief executive of E Source, said: “StrategyWise is a perfect complement to our data science division. The company’s success in helping utilities realise the power of their data, combined with its talented team, is a major enhancement to our portfolio of products and services.”