NEWS31 March 2021

Dutch audience measurement won by Kantar and Ipsos

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UK – Kantar and Ipsos have been jointly awarded the cross-media audience measurement contract in the Netherlands, working with newly formed organisation Nationaal Media Onderzoek (NMO).

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The companies were appointed following a tender process to design a single integrated measurement system for the Dutch market, including TV, digital, published media and radio currencies within one dataset.

The service, launching this year, will combine audience viewing, listening, browsing and reading audience data.

Further details about the design of the research are expected to be announced in the next month.

Johan Smit, director, NMO, said: “Kantar and Ipsos proposed a strong and efficient approach with a design that will enable us to deliver total media audience measurement to the Dutch market. Together we have realised our vision for a cross-media solution that delivers deeper insights into the media behaviour of the Dutch population.”

NMO is managed by the three joint industry committees (JICs) in the Netherlands – Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia, the publishing JIC, radio JIC Nationaal Luister Onderzoek and TV JIC Stichting KijkOnderzoek – and Vinex (the United Internet Operators association).

Serge Lupas, president, media division, Kantar said: “We will deliver an integrated measurement solution that provides the building blocks for cross-media planning, buying and evaluation of content and advertising.”

Liz Landy, global head of audience measurement at Ipsos, added: “The Dutch JICs have succeeded where so many have failed in overcoming the many barriers to delivering this vision, which will measure media the way consumers and advertisers see and use it – regardless of platforms or media types.”