NEWS20 October 2020

Dunnhumby launches ad product with CitrusAd

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UK – Customer data science firm Dunnhumby has partnered with retail media platform CitrusAd to launch a sponsored products platform for retailers and brands.

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The platform, called Sponsored Products, uses historical data from offline and online purchasing behaviour to allow companies to tailor their advertising to a specific customer.

Companies can create auction-based campaigns through the platform using programmatic bidding to show advertisements to the relevant audience.

The platform has two applications available: Sponsored Search, which is a keyword matching tool to promote relevant products when a customer searches for an item online; and Sponsored Recommenders, which allows adverts to be displayed in a specific part of a retailer’s website.

Dunnhumby runs a customer science platform, and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. The company launched its media division last year to develop media plans based on retailers’ data and targeting from the company’s customer data science platform.

CitrusAd, which was formed in 2017, is an ecommerce advertising platform that operates in 22 countries.

Jérôme Cochet, managing director of Dunnhumby Media, said: “We’ve seen a huge increase in ecommerce over the last six months, with more and more shoppers switching to online.

“We’re looking forward to demonstrating the full potential of this partnership over the coming months.”

Brad Moran, chief executive of CitrusAd, said: “It’s a combination that we believe has huge potential for businesses that want to drive the maximum revenue from their retail media programs without compromising their personalisation efforts and customer-first approach.”