NEWS25 February 2020

Dun & Bradstreet releases B2B buying tool

B2B News North America

US – Data and analytics business performance company, Dun & Bradstreet, has launched D&B Buyer Intent, to help B2B marketing and sales teams identify early-stage buying signals.

The tool consists of a patented process that uses Natural Language Processing and billions of unique web engagements mapped to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud.

The company claimed that marketing teams using D&B Buyer Intent could achieve a 37% increase in email open rates. And when it used the tool for its own campaigns, Dun & Bradstreet said it saw a 22% increase in click-through rates, a 20% increase in return on ad spend, and a 13% increase in conversion rates. 

Michael Bird, president of sales and marketing solutions at Dun & Bradstreet said: "As customers are evolving to more of a self-guided and digital buying journey, sales and marketing teams need to react quickly to buying signals to influence the purchase and close the sale. D&B Buyer Intent takes a personalised, precise and intelligent approach to enabling B2B companies to identify and reach their in-market buyers." 

D&B Buyer Intent is now available in the United States.