NEWS8 July 2010

Duke looks to put iPad to work in research methods course

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US— Researchers have mulled over the potential of Apple’s iPad as a survey tool since its launch earlier this year. Now academics at the Duke Global Health Institute are looking to put the results into practice.

Masters students taking a research methods course are being given the devices to use in field research projects.

Course tutor Jen’nan Read said: “Our primary goal is to equip our students with a toolset that allows them to make the most of their time in the field.

“As calculation, graphing, and presentation-creation functions of the iPad are put to use in the field, so too is the ability for students to focus on mastering the more complex methods by which they are basing their research.”

Course iPads boast 3G and wi-fi internet access and a variety of research and survey applications that can record and import multimedia interviews and photos, and collect, chart, evaluate and even present data.

The 10-hour battery life is another advantage for fieldwork, and the institute believes the slate form factor of the iPad makes it easier to handle and less susceptible to damage than laptops and netbooks.

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12 years ago

i think this is a great breakthrough for field research. Im excited to find out more and can certainly see the benefits of equipment like this in my work.

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