NEWS7 January 2011

Dubit opens youth panel to monthly omnibus


UK— Dubit, a youth communications company, is to start fielding a monthly omnibus survey among members of its Informer Panel, made up of 37,000 people aged 11-24.

The omnibus will survey 1,000 panel members within the 11-18 age range, with fieldwork running for seven days and results presented the following week. The first set of questions are due to go out on 17 January.

Dubit’s head of online research services Jonathan Clough said: “We are finding agencies and brands need the ability to access young people with one or two questions, either to test ideas, help support pitches or generate that elusive headline for their client.

“By offering the omnibus solution… we are ensuring that in a climate where budgets are still tight, research can be afforded to continue to play a central role.”