NEWS7 March 2019

DMA partners with Edinburgh University on data project

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UK – Industry body the DMA is partnering with the University of Edinburgh to explore the importance of information to business through a series of lectures and round-tables, training and new tools. 

The ‘Value of Data’ campaign aims to help organisations responsibly deliver value to their customers and champion the role of data in business today.

Rachel Aldighieri, managing director, DMA, said: "We’ll be exploring the concept of data driving shareholder value in an ethical and monetary sense and looking to showcase the value of values."

The DMA is working with campaign sponsor Merkle and the University of Edinburgh’s research Centre for Design Informatics and Bayes Centre, supported by Edinburgh Innovations. 

Chris Speedchair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, said: "This campaign will create a platform where academic experts can work alongside business to put theory into practice. Technology will continue to redefine how businesses interact with their stakeholders and our work with the DMA looks to offer guidance through this uncharted territory."

The collaboration launches with a paper authored by Professor Chris Speed and Dr Ewa Luger introducing the changing shape of value in the digital economy.