NEWS21 November 2011

DJS to run social mobility study for Kingston-upon-Hull

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UK— DJS Research has seen off competition from nine research agencies to carry out a social mobility project for Kingston-upon-Hull City Council.

The firm will carry out 4,000 face to face interviews for the project, which examines housing tenure and its potential changes over the coming years. It will map past, present and future housing needs and consider how different citizen groups move or plan to move to different neighbourhoods.

DJS managing director Danny Sims said that although the project is unique to Kingston-upon-Hull City Council, other councils have expressed an interest in adopting the approach.


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13 years ago

It's really encouraging to see local authorities doing social research - let's hope Hull will share its results and push them into national debates about life chances and housing tenure, and link them with larger scale investigations, such as Understanding Society and the forthcoming Birth Cohort Study

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