NEWS10 August 2009

DisplaySearch launches solar panel reports

Energy News North America

US— DisplaySearch, which specialises in researching the market for flat panel displays (FPDs) used in other TVs and other devices, has announced that it is launching new reports focusing on the market for solar panels.

The move comes as more and more makers of FPDs have taken advantage of growing demand for renewable energy solutions and begun producing solar cells.

The reports will provide global data, looking at market share and including forecasts based on technology, equipment and capacity.

Paul Semenza, DisplaySearch’s senior vice president, said: “We have covered solar as part of our display-related research for more than three years, and now that our FPD clients are expanding their business operations into solar, they’re demanding greater coverage in this market segment. We’ve built our reputation by demonstrating our expertise and quality in the FPD supply chain and look forward to expanding our reach into solar to further help our customers make smart business decisions by providing them with the data they need the most.”