NEWS20 March 2017

Digital platforms urged to audit advertising metrics

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US – A survey of members of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) revealed that 89% view independent audits, such as that of the Media Rating Council (MRC) on Facebook and YouTube, as a positive development. 

Yellow tape measures

Google announced last month that it would allow the MRC to audit YouTube's third-party viewability metrics, around a week after Facebook agreed to the same process.

Members of the ANA were asked their views on Facebook and YouTube breaking down their ‘walled gardens’ to allow independent audits: 89% felt that this was a positive development ( 57% very positive and 32% moderately positive); 8% were neutral, and 3% were moderately negative.

'In an era of concerns about transparency in the advertising supply chain, independent audits of the large digital enterprises by the MRC are very positive developments', the report read.

'Furthermore, it’s clear from the ANA survey that there is overwhelming support from client-side marketers for independent audits by the Media Rating Council. The ANA applauds the recent announcements of Facebook and YouTube. We would appreciate both companies keeping the marketing community fully informed of their plans and timetables.'