NEWS15 October 2014

Digital media connects with affluent Asians

Asia Pacific News

HONG KONG — Despite being time-poor, the wealthiest Asian consumers spend an average of 5.7 hours using media every day, as digital extends the reach of TV and print according to Ipsos.


In its 2014 Affluent Asia study — which surveyed the top 18% of the population in Hong Kong, Singapore (pictured), Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Korea and Australia — Ipsos found that for TV content, the inclusion of digital increased reach from 61% to 66% and for print, it increased from 32% to 42%.

The study found that affluent Asians collectively hold investments of $1,108 billion: 70% have invested in a financial product (excluding insurance) and 66% said they are actively involved in managing their personal finances. They are powerful within their businesses too: 61% make business purchase decisions for their companies and 85% are among top management.

They are often travelling: 67% enjoy going to new travel destinations, with a total of 13.7 million air trips and 56.9m hotel nights taken over the past 12 months. Travel is also a luxury for them; 18% travelled first or business class in the past 12 months and 38% stayed in a 5-star or 6-star hotel or resort.

Ipsos Affluent Asia Study (previously known as PAX) is conducted year-round, and Ipsos spoke with 18,830 affluent people across the region ( 1,761 from Hong Kong) to obtain the 2014 results.