NEWS2 May 2017

Digital ad investment to surpass TV in five more markets

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US/UK – Digital advertising investment has surpassed TV in 10 markets and is set to do the same in five more this year, according to a prediction from GroupM.

Digital ad growth crop

The benchmark, which has been reached in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the UK, is set to be met in France, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2017. 

In its report This Year, Next Year, GroupM predicts that digital advertising will capture 77 cents of every new ad dollar in 2017, while TV will capture 17 cents. Digital advertising continues to grow rapidly despite challenges around standards, measurement and supply chain integrity, the report says. 

It also outlines that while people worldwide are spending more time with media – the ‘media day’ grew by nine minutes to eight hours in 2016; and time spent with online media grew by 14 minutes – for now at least, TV’s share of advertising investment is still on top when global data is aggregated.

While TV’s share of advertising investment was largely stable at 42% in 2016, GroupM predicts a share decline to 41% in 2017.

More information on the report, which also covered consumer purchase behaviours, linear TV demographics and the business models of global companies such as Google and Facebook, can be found here