NEWS9 November 2012

Dialego founder creates SmartMunk heatmap

Europe Technology

The company specialises in offering licenses for online tools that have been tested by Dialego for a number of years and can be used both qualitatively and quantitatively by clients for co-creation work.

With the tools clients can get visual information about anything that can be displayed. Participants can express their thoughts and feelings interactively in regard to a product, packaging, website, advertisement or image. An online report will then let the client explore a participant ?s original comments against their input for improvement processes.

All the text material gathered in the co-creation process is then consolidated for consumerisation purposes via text-mining, to end up being depicted on an interactive heatmap.

Gadeib explains: “Our online tools draws a unique picture of what the customer cares about. This is what we call Voice-of-the-Customer Intelligence. SmartMunk users can understand their customers better and help to cater to their needs which will result in better business.”

Also joining SmartMunk as executive officer from Dialego is Thomas Watz.