NEWS11 September 2008

Derek Leddie steps down at Photon Group

Naked CEO Nigel Long replaces Leading Edge founder as head of Photon’s strategic intelligence unit

AUSTRALIA— Derek Leddie has stepped down as chairman of the strategic intelligence unit within marketing services group Photon.

The move means bidding a final farewell to The Leading Edge, the research agency he launched in 1990, which was eventually sold to Photon in August 2004.

The Leading Edge is one of a group of five companies at Photon that make up the strategic intelligence unit, including Jigsaw Strategic Research, brand and media planning agency Bellamy Hayden and market intelligence firm DVL Smith Group.

Leddie has chaired the strategic intelligence unit since February 2006 and following his departure, the role will pass to Nigel Long.

Long is global CEO of the fifth member of the strategic intelligence unit, the communications agency Naked, which was bought by Photon in a AUS$37m (£16m) deal in February.

In an email Leddie said: “I just want to say a huge thanks to every amazing person I have worked with on the client and supplier side and to the senior Photon team. It has been a real pleasure. For those who think I am retiring, that is not on my radar but I do want to spend more time with wise people outside of the corporate world.”

Pressed for more on his future plans, Leddie told Research: “I am studying the Yoga Sutras at Yoga Sanga and meditating on my next career chapter.”

Author: Brian Tarran



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