NEWS25 February 2014

Dennis Publishing teams with Cint for reader panel launch

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UK — Dennis Publishing has struck a deal with Cint to create a research panel of Auto Express readers, built on Cint’s panel management platform.

Res_4011291_Auto Express

The Auto Express panel already comprises more than 9,000 UK car owners but is expected to reach 20,000 members this year.

Seema Hope, research director at Dennis Publishing, said: “Setting up a motoring reader panel in conjunction with Cint is a great way of developing a closer relationship with our readers, tracking their car purchasing behaviour over time and will provide us with some rich data for our editorial and commercial teams as well as our clients.

“We are committed to building this panel using our successful annual Driver Power survey which regularly attracts over 40,000 car owner reviews and ratings. Motorists will also continue to be recruited via our other channels to build a robust, detailed and valuable resource.”