NEWS23 September 2010

Deja vu for Harris as Nasdaq issues stock price warning

Financials North America

US— Harris Interactive’s share price has been stuck under $1 for the past 30 days – triggering a warning from the Nasdaq stock exchange that its stock could be delisted if the situation doesn’t improve by March next year.

For CEO Kimberly Till it must feel like deja vu – the company received the same warning exactly a year ago from Nasdaq but managed to regain compliance with the stock market’s rules after a few months.

In the most recent notice from Nasdaq Harris has been given until 15 March to improve its share price and keep it trading above $1 for a minimum of 10 consecutive trading days prior to that date. If not, the company’s shares will be subject to de-listing – although Harris would be given the option to transfer trading to the Nasdaq Capital Market.