NEWS26 November 2010

Deep packet inspection duo plan US launch

North America Technology

US— Privacy concerns over deep packet inspection (DPI) technology may have already killed one firm, but two more companies are set to launch DPI-based services in the US market in the coming months.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Phorm and Kindsight are looking to work with internet service providers to help them monitor the online behaviour of their customers and claim a share of “the lucrative online ad market”.

According to the report Phorm is looking to introduce its customised web content tool, which uses a web user’s browsing history to recommend content they may be interested in, though the firm declined to comment when contacted.

Kindsight, meanwhile, bills itself as on online security technology provider, and is planning to offer its security services free to web users who agree to sign up for targeted advertising.

Both follow in the footsteps of NebuAd, which was shut down in 2009 amid controversy about the privacy implications of its DPI technology and accusations that the activity of internet users had been monitored without consent.