NEWS5 January 2012

Decooda builds API for sentiment analysis platform

North America Technology

US— Decooda, a marketing technology firm, has built an API to allow companies to upload or stream social media data directly into its own sentiment analysis platform.

CEO David Johnson says the API works with both public and private social media data, enterprise information, and data from other social media monitoring systems such as Radian6, NetBase, Crimson Hexagon and Alterian.

Decooda will apply cognitive and linguistic analytic algorithms to the data to measure “the context of the conversation, the author’s state of mind [and] underlying emotions” – all of which can be used to predict behaviours, according to Johnson.

The company won the NewMR Insight Innovation Competition and a $20,000 investment in November for its MR Assistant, which automates the coding of open-ended responses within surveys.