NEWS16 September 2013

DataSift adds Tumblr to offering

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UK — Social data platform DataSift has added Tumblr to its data sources.

Tumblr will join social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and YouTube, and its data will be available to DataSift subscribers, providing real-time data from the Tumblr fire hose and Tumblr historic data, enabling organisations to run sentiment analysis on the more than 5.5bn global Tumblr interactions that happen each month.

DataSift said the explosion of real-time consumer engagement on social channels such as Tumblr provided brands with unprecedented insight into consumer attitudes and behavior, allowing for tighter relationships with consumers.

“Brands and agencies need a better solution to capture and capitalise on the platform’s tremendous stickiness, and the DataSift platform is the only one to make that possible today,” said Rob Bailey, CEO of DataSift. “By providing access to real time and historic Tumblr data, the DataSift platform further expands brands’ and agencies’ ability to distil actionable insight from their engagements with consumers.”