NEWS18 February 2020

Dataiku picked for Nato AI project

AI News UK

UK – AI and machine learning platform, Dataiku, has announced it is collaborating with Nato’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to be one of the central platforms for building and deploying AI projects.

ACT will contract with Dataiku’s team of data scientists and domain experts to help solve some of its most challenging use cases in the field. 

ACT’s commander, General Lanata, said: “We were looking to expand our use of data science, machine learning, and AI in the organisation. We’re looking forward to working with Dataiku and its experts, and we are also invested in sharing ACT’s progress with other member states, with the goal of expanding competencies and successful, deployed use cases of AI projects in the field.”

Dataiku came to the attention of Nato when it took part in a challenge set in 2018 by Nato Innovation Hub. The challenge asked participants to give a solution for ‘Data Filtering and Fusing, Visualisation and Predictive Analytics’ in an imaginary assistance mission scenario for a disease outbreak in a landlocked country, leading to a public health crisis complicated by the emergence of rebel groups attacking medical supplies.

Dataiku’s solution used object detection with deep learning on aerial and won two prizes.

Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku, said: “Nato ACT is in the unique position to leverage data science and machine learning to have global impact and our philosophy of organisation-wide data democratisation and belief in human-centred AI to augment – not replace – people is the perfect match for tapping into this potential.”