NEWS30 November 2012

Data visualisation start-up Autographic Insight launches

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UK — London start-up Autographic Insight has launched software which turns Excel-based research reports into visualisations hosted online.

The software uses a range of interactive charts, maps and intuitive filters, so that data is accessible to clients in a way that standard report templates do not allow for.

In addition to working with data from Excel, Autographic Insight reports can be updated automatically from any data source, including mobile apps. The company says this allows researchers to update results in real time.

Managing director Max Lewis said: “At a time when technology is advancing faster than ever, it’s amazing to see how many companies in a range of sectors still use basic Excel documents to report to clients. We believe it is time to refresh the world of reporting with interactive, visual reports that make the data easier to understand and draw insight from.”

Creative director David Jacobs added: “Appearance and user experience are the key factors when designing any new report. We spend a great deal of time understanding our client’s needs prior to starting the design to ensure that all of their key metrics are prominently displayed.”

The company is online at


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8 years ago

This looks fantastic . The industry has been waiting for something like this for a Long time . The ui is so intuitive

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