NEWS5 July 2013

Customers let down by poor data management

Privacy UK

UK — Customers are being let down by data management practices according to research commissioned by insights provider Experian QAS.

The research found that business were struggling to keep up with the sheer scale and frequency of change in customer information with the average adult having lived in eight addresses for more than three months and had four functioning email addresses and two mobile phones registered to them.

Despite 84% of people thinking customers are the most important thing for a business to look after, 73% of people recalled errors in communications in the past 12 months with 36% receiving duplicate communications.

In addition, inaccurate data annoyed 47% of respondees while 37% worried about what else have been recorded incorrectly

Experian QAS managing director Joel Curry said: “The findings show that consumers are willing to share their data with organisations if they see a benefit in doing so. Consequently, organisations that secure consumers’ trust by showing that they care about their customer’s’ data are best placed to secure up-to-date details in the first place.”